I’m not the most proficient crocheter in the world, but I do love a good crochet along. There’s something about seeing how others are progressing and picking up on their hints and tips – I learn so much.

Having said that I am pretty rubbish at keeping up. I am amazed how many people can so quickly complete a section, often the day that it launches. I guess in lockdown anything is possible.

My first crochet along was Jane Crowfoot’s Crochet Club in 2011. The yarn was Rowan Cotton Glace and the design had a distinct art deco feel. It was pretty scary for me, but Jane’s pattern instructions and photos helped me to gain confidence. The blanket now lives in Dubai and was a wedding present to a dear friend who was then living in the very Deco French quarter of Shanghai.

Last year Jane launched the Fruit Garden CAL which was jaw-droppingly beautiful and I was just about to treat myself to a pack of the yarn when she came up with a third colourway and I was smitten.

I am very behind, having only just completed part 1, but now that all the parts are published I have been dipping in and out of different motifs.

Just look at how the colours work together. This is the Forget me not motif.

Here is Columbine

And here is Clementine. Jane’s eye for colour is just amazing, isn’t it?

As I crochet each motif it struck me how much work must go in to designing them. Not just using the right combination of stitches to transition from a circle to a square, but making sure all the motifs sit together.

I have yet to get going on the rectangular motif, Acanthus, which I know is a tricky one but with the clarity of Jane’s instructions I know I can do it and I’ll enjoy it!

You can download the Fruit Garden pattern free here if you fancy joining me. The first few downloads are the colour recipes for the third colourway and the patterns are below that.

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