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Antidote to the yarn diet

I am on another yarn diet. Two months down and just ten to go. It’s already testing my resolve with so many gorgeous new yarns out there. I cruise website, fill up my basket and then walk away. Sorry, but I am determined because I simply have too much yarn. Most of it is in the loft and I need to get it down for a cull but I haven’t had the heart yet.

It’s lucky then that there are so many fantastic new books out there and I am not on a book diet, so let me show you my latest favourites.

Norah Gaughan is a genius and I have admired her work for many years. Her latest book is called Twisted Stitch Sourcebook, which I bought from Amazon. I am most familiar with twisted stitches from Bavarian patterns, but this book lifts them to the next level. A twisted stitch ads a level of finesse to your work. It is neat and very satisfying. I still remember when it finally clicked as to how you purl into the back of a stitch to keep the twist going on both sides.

This is a sourcebook for designers and those that want to explore their craft and it contains a wealth of patterns together with some gorgeous designs. Given my love of hexagons, I am already planning a blanket so I can sample as many of the patterns as possible.

There are many Erika Knight books on my bookshelf and her approach to designing fashionable knits is phenomenal. She doesn’t just go for the latest technique, but rather embraces fashion trends to make her patterns something you are proud to have in your wardrobe. Her latest is called Texture and I bought it from Waterstones.

It was hard to choose my favourite design but I have already cast on Saltation in some Yarn Stories yarn. The charts have to be downloaded and the ones for this design are a bit small so I will have to do a bit of tinkering to make them work.

My final choice is Strands of Joy by Anna Johanna, one of the brains behind Laine magazine. I bought my copy from Loop London. This book is a celebration of colour work and is so beautifully photographed. What I really like about this book is how thoughtful it is.

Each pattern comes in loads of sizes for all body shapes and the instructions are so clear. The design Thistle is calling out to me and I have some Jamieson of Shetland Spindrift in my stash that I think will work very well.

All these books are going to be my allies in stash busting as I work my way through my stash.

2 comments on “Antidote to the yarn diet

  1. Francesca

    I’ve been on a yarn diet for about 10 years! I allow myself to buy yarn if I’ve used up twice the meterage from the stash (is this like caloric counting?) and now all my yarn fits in one medium-sized IKEA storage box. I really think yarn dieting is like food dieting – the only diet which works long term is the one you can stay on for the rest of your life … sigh. But buying books is a great way to kill the hunger. And there’s no meh yarn in the stash.

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