Pussy hats

A bit of a busy week for me so just a short post.

Whatever your political persuasion, in fact let’s put the politics aside, the 600+ women’s marches across the world were quite an awe inspiring moment on 21st January.  I had intended to go to the one in London but life got in the way, so I watched the 10 O’clock news with a growing sense of pride.

Of course I had seen the call for pink pussy hats going out since before Christmas thanks to the vision of cofounders Krista Suh and Jayna Zweiman, so I knew knitters and crocheters were busily making them, but it wasn’t until I saw the marches that I saw what had been achieved.  A simple pink rectangle was taking the world by storm. Makers that couldn’t get to a march were supplying these modern objects of solidarity for their brothers and sister to wear to show that we do care and it does matter.

Now some people may say ‘it’s just knitting’ but our humble craft has a long history of being used to raise awareness.  Whether it was les Tricoteuse perched in the shadow of the guillotine or Queen Mary’s army of knitters making socks for the troops, our craft galvanises a simple thing in to a statement of togetherness and a hope that each individual together can make a difference.

I am so proud of each and every knitter or crocheter who took the time. Seeing Time magazine and The New Yorker take the symbol to their hearts and covers makes me hopeful.  So if you are one of those makers I’d like to thank you.