On Spinning

IMG_20170524_105434Are you as sick of my yarn diet as I am?  Well, I had a bit of inspiration a week or so ago and was led astray by the lovely Helen from The Josie Kitten blog.

I was reading one of her posts about getting her hands on some lovely fibre and I had a complete light bulb moment.  Fibre isn’t yarn….yet, so surely I am allowed to buy fibre?

It has been a while since I have had my spinning wheel out.  My lovely Lendrum wheel has been languishing in my mum’s loft and, as much as I find spinning oh so relaxing, I simply haven’t had time, what with making a concerted effort to finish projects.

Helen had written about some beautiful fibre she had bought from Picperfic’s Fluff n Stuff– – you really must check out Marianne’s shop.    I chose Smoothie in the lovely blue colourway and Wylie in shade Doris.

IMG_20170605_162312I took Helen’s advice to split the fibre before spinning to keep the colours reasonably consistent when it came to plying but, as you can see, I didn’t split it evenly enough and I still have a lot of singles on a bobbin. I will have to try Navajo plying to use it up. But aren’t the colours glorious?  I haven’t spun with  a silk blend very often and I will need to increase the draw speed so that I don’t get as much twist when I spin the next lot. Now to decide what to make with my new yarn.

Hooray for fibre!