My dears, I am so sorry.  It has been over a year and I have no excuses, I just lost my mojo there for a while and life got in the way.

But now I’m back.  Isn’t our world a strange place to be?  I knew what was expected of me during lockdown but each week now, even each day, things change and I have to completely reframe my world and expectations.  Is anyone else finding it exhausting?

I am fortunate.  My boys are all well and gainfully employed and we have a gorgeous new puppy who we adopted in February and who joined us at the beginning of March.  But more about her another time.

IMG_20200701_092002__01Over the last 3 months I have been doing some knitting and crochet but the craft that has been inspiring me is embroidery.  Yes, I know, right?

I’m not known for being the neatest person in the world and always though satin stitch was for real crafters but not for me.  Last year I subscribed to a wonderful box club called Craft Pod.  The cute boxes had languished on my shelves waiting for the right moment.  I enjoyed looking at them but wasn’t quite brave enough.  Until now.

IMG_20200701_092031__01The instructions from Craft Pod are so clear and beautifully photograph so even a complete beginner like me can get to grips with embroidery. I have just re-subscribed for another year of stitching fun.

IMG_20200728_095154I am now completely addicted – I even bought one of those daylight lamps with a magnifier!  My favourite trousers had some unfortunate paint marks on them that wouldn’t come out so I reached for my Zakka Embroidery book and, whoops, a load of paisley motifs covered the worst of it.

IMG_20200724_155528I traced the designs on to a water soluble fabric, which made the whole process much easier

IMG_20200603_115321I have even made myself a Biscornu pin cushion, using this tutorial, from two scraps of denim embroidered with a Sashiko pattern.  I used my sewing machine to sew a square round the design with a long stitch length. And yes I am geeky enough to colour code my pins.

IMG_20200731_165115I am about to start a lovely vintage design that I bought at Linladan – you simply have to check out their website – which doesn’t actually tell you which stitch to put where, but gives you examples of what you could do. So now I’m about to freestyle.

IMG_20200720_084416I do still have things to learn about knitting and crochet, but starting a new craft from scratch has given me an incredible sense of achievement and has definitely soothed my soul.

4 comments on “Hello

  1. Jackie Webb

    What a lovely blog. Your embroidery looks really nice. I too have just re visited embroidery/cross stitch again. I had a project to finish for a new home (still need to get it framed) and have just inherited two embroidery’s from a recently deceased friend so feel obliged to continue them. Just have to check all the threads are there we managed to source one chart but no luck on the second, might have to wing that one.

  2. josiekitten

    Your embroidery is lovely 😊 I am going to sign up to Craft Pod for the next year. I’m blaming you!

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