Fair Isle Yarn review

Knit By Numbers

I have been noodling around, swatching for some up and coming projects.  My yarn of choice this time was John Arbon’s Knit By Numbers 4 ply, which comes in an extensive range of colours – 109 0f them.

I have knitted quite a lot in Knit By Numbers DK but never tried the 4ply.  The yarn is made from 100% organic Merino and my first impression was how well the yarn takes the colour. I was knitting on 3mm needles, when the recommended size is 2.75mm but as soon as I blocked the yarn it bloomed beautiful to give a wonderfully consistent knitted fabric.  Even if you are just knitting a  plain garment, the yarn performs brilliantly and I’m sure it will look great in cables as well.


First of all I tried out some traditional designs.  Not sure the brown works at the bottom and I think the orange could be a tad lighter but that’s no problem with this range.


Then on to my favourite zig zags that never get old and always look fresh.


For a while now I have been fascinated by hat crowns and always try to make sure mine have a little bit of magic on top.  This is the crown of my Baila hat knitted as a hexagon.


And here’s another from an unpublished design.  I reckon a combination of these two could work well in a blanket.

So if you are looking for a great new 4 ply, do give Knit By Numbers a try.


3 comments on “Knit By Numbers

  1. It looks great indeed 😉

  2. very good post, i actually love this web site, keep on it

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