On my needles

To get back in to my knitting I wanted to choose a really elegant and simply pattern in a beautiful yarn, so I hit Ravelry and came across this lovely design called Spiral Escape by Martina Behm.

Screenshot 2019-03-05 at 16.58.33

As the name suggests it’s a cowl worked as a spiral in garter stitch.  What could be nicer than that?  The original design was knitted in Bilum Hand Dyed Yarns called Loli.  This yarn is from Hungary and I found it on Etsy.  The colours that this indie dyer comes up with are quite extraordinary and very beautiful and I chose a shade called OOAK.

IMG_20190204_191608 (1)I was quite intrigued by this design but wasn’t happy with my tension at the end of rows so changed the first stitch to a knit stitch until it joined in the round.  It is really important, once you have joined and are working the spiral to make sure that any yarn over (YO) is pulled nice and tight.  I know that sounds a bit enigmatic but I don’t want to give away the secrets of this design – I want you to BUY IT!


I was a bit dispirited by how messy the ‘ladder’ looked as you progress round the spiral, but I know Martina is a very accomplished designer so I trusted her and I wasn’t disappointed.  When you have finished the knitting you take a crochet hook and crochet up the ladder to make it lovely and neat.  See, I needn’t have worried, need I?

I also used the smallest needle size (3.25mm) but I think I could get away with using a 3mm needle to make the cowl a bit neater.

IMG_20190306_140937Now on to the yarn.  While I absolutely loved the colours – you can see how fab they look – I found the yarn a little limp and it split quite easily. It’s only my opinion but I feel Loli would greatly benefit from being dyed on to a more robust or better quality base.

This was a great project and kept me interested right to the end.

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