Things have been a bit busy here with lots and lots of writing and a little bit of designing. I always like to have something on in the background, usually voice-based but sometimes music, to help me concentrate.

Screenshot_20190219-161323The downside of doing so much knitting is I don’t get enough time to read books so I am a huge fan of Audible.  I have a membership of 24 books a year and even that isn’t quite enough.  I love crime, thrillers and a bit of science fantasy but I do like to listen to books that are recommended to me or that I wouldn’t normally listen to like All The Light We Cannot See or Americanah.  There are also some great podcasts such as The Genius Dialogues.

Screenshot 2019-02-19 at 16.18.27I used to listen to a lot of BBC Radio, but since their change to Sounds, not so much.  My big problem with this app/ website is that it isn’t searchable in most instances.  When it first launched I was interested to see they were pushing all the podcasts they offer but no search bar, just the hot ones for the day.  I tried the main search bar and typed in science podcasts – I was looking for The Infinite Monkey Cage.  This particular, incredibly successful podcast doesn’t appear in the results list and it’s hardly a title you could guess at if you haven’t ever heard it before. Epic fail.  I know several people who have uninstalled the app and gone back to iPlayer Radio.

Screenshot_20190219-162125Someone told me recently that Spotify offer a lot of different podcasts and it was easy to find lots of amazing programmes I hadn’t come across before. I’ve learned so much and I’m really enjoying binge-listening The Guilty Feminist.  There are a heap of knitting podcasts to dive in to as well.

Screenshot_20190219-162301If I have a long, complicated article to write, I do have a secret weapon on Spotify. I set up an Armin Van Buuren radio station that blasts dance music into my ears to help me concentrate.

What do you like to listen to?  I’d love any book or podcast recommendations you might have.

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