Fair Isle knitting

Falling out of love

The last few days of 2018 and the first of 2019 saw me in a very sorry state.


Can you imagine?  No matter which WIP I picked up, which new pattern or lovely yarn I looked at I just couldn’t find my mojo.  I was like a teenager, don’t want to do that, that’s stupid, that’s boring.

Joe’s socks

I think it’s because of all the knitting I did before Christmas, most of which were socks and basic ones at that.  My knitting became a drudgery, something to get through, a deadline to meet.  I was constantly thinking forward to all the lovely projects I would be back to over the festive period but when I could knit them I simply didn’t want to,

Lize’s cowl

It made me feel pretty despondent, I can tell you.  My dear friend Michelle even regifted me some yarn I had give her a while ago (Felted Tweed since you ask) and helped me match it up with yarn from my stash to knit a glorious  Stephen West garment called Starring.

But I had only just got beyond the rib when I abandoned it.

My Mousa

My Mousa by Marie Wallin was nearing the end and looked enormous.  I did a tension square, honest I did.  Maybe I have lost weight?  Anyway this has also been abandoned and will become a cushion cover – it’s not so bad because nearly all the yarn came from my stash.

Even a lovely batch of new colours from Holst Garn wasn’t inspiring me.

It’s not that I was looking for something particularly complicated.  I just wanted something that would intrigue me but also was going to grow and hold my attention.  I didnt want much, did I.

Who should come to my rescue but the fabulous Ankestrick with this pattern called Big Love – even the name feels like she created this just for me.  The pattern is beautifully written as always, the construction is elegant and I love the colour of yarn I chose which is Lettlopi in a lovely dark wine shade – I haven’t managed to quite capture it in this hasty snap.

So you can relax, I have found my joy in knitting with renewed vigour.

Note to self, knit for Christmas throughout the year.

4 comments on “Falling out of love

  1. You always inspire me – so I am happy your mojo is back

  2. Dot Anderson

    My god girl what and effect, great job, love everything you have done.
    I started knitting crotchet when 8 years old taught by mum and picked up again when my boys were born. Know I 61 back to it again, give your best shot don’t be hard on yourself. I think I have finally found my craft love crocheting and sewing. So relaxing enjoy, so many skills to learn we still have time. I have six projects on the go, who cares if it takes me a month or a year to complete, the fun is in finishing and learning regards dot

  3. josiekitten

    Glad to hear that your mojo has returned. There is nothing worse than feeling pressurised to knit things for Christmas.

  4. I worked the crafts fair circuit this last season and had the same reaction. It lasted all of one day! Glad you got your mojo back!

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