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My favourite books

I have been tidying up my book shelves just recently and have spent a happy afternoon re-visiting some of my favourite knitting books.  So, if you are still looking for a gift for a knitworthy friend or something for your loved ones to give you for Christmas, have a little look at these.


I certainly never knew or even suspected that there were so many different ways to cast on and off until I read this book by Cap Sease, but now I like to refer to it for different projects to find the perfect technique.

Microsoft Word - front cover.doc

Dorset buttons are pretty addictive.  I sat with a friend at knitting group last week and she was making one with a curtain ring and lost of beads as a decoration.  I love the way a mess of strands suddenly comes together so beautifully.  It also means you can make the right colour of button for your cardigan every time. I like Jen’s books because of how well she explains the techniques.


I absolutely love, admire and am totally in awe of Alice Starmore’s work.  Her latest book Glamourie is so much more than just a pattern book.  It is a way to explore your creativity with helpful tips and explorations on her website.  Watching her make felted buttons makes me want to reach for the Marigolds. Every time I open this book I find something new to inspire me.


I’m not brilliant at crochet so I really NEED this book if I haven’t had my hook out for a while.  As well as explaining all the basics Jane takes you on through some really yummy techniques such as beading.


Norah Gaughan is undoubtedly a genius and I have lots of her publications, but Knitting Nature was my first love and one I return to for a bit of knitting porn.

Screenshot 2018-12-10 at 15.48.55

And finally, The Sock Knitters Handbook has helped me to understand about the different structures you can bring to socks.  I love to try out the different heels and they have done all the maths for you, no matter what size you are knitting.

I’d love to hear about your favourite books.

2 comments on “My favourite books

  1. josiekitten

    I don’t have any of these books on my bookshelf! I wouldn’t mind browsing yours a little more!

  2. Any time. You are always welcome XX

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