Fair Isle Stranded knitting

Shetland Wool Week Part 1

It’s taking me a while to get back into my usual routine after the amazing experiences of Shetland Wool Week.  Apparently they call it Shetlag.

I was on Shetland for two whole weeks with some friends – my knitting wives as they became know.  We knitted, laughed, at cake and laughed some more.  It was such a life affirming experience and one that I will never forget.

In this post I wanted to tell you a bit more about the workshops I was lucky enough to attend.

The first was book binding with Fair Isle fabric.  I have done book binding before but our tutor, Mary, taught us some really useful tips.  There is something very soothing about folding paper and sewing a book block.  When we visited the Jamieson’s factory shop I picked up some jumper panels that were seconds.  They have now been felted and are waiting to be turned into more books for Christmas presents.

hr2Next was a workshop I was very intrigued by called FISS Knits with Helen Robertson who is a very talented jeweller as well as a master knitter.  This new technique allows you to use 3 colours in your Fair Isle knitting by blending the stranded technique with slipped stitches.  It was absolutely fascinating and pure genius.  A very simple idea that gives and impressive results.  I need to get some more swatches knitted so I can really take you through it.

My final workshop was called Crowning Glory with Donna Smith who you may know from Ravelry or The Book of Haps.  I have long been fascinated by the star shapes you see on the top of Shetland hats but didn’t know where to start designing them.  Despite it only being a half day workshop I was able to crack 3 different ways of graphing out the crowns.  I have a hat design ready that was just waiting for me to finish this workshop so watch out.

I learned so much from each of my tutors and I am so grateful for excellent teaching and exceptional skills.

3 comments on “Shetland Wool Week Part 1

  1. josiekitten

    What an amazing experience. I so enjoyed following your trip on Social Media. Thanks for taking us along. xx

  2. Glad you had a good time Juliet! Hope to see you back again soon. xx

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