Fair Isle

Shetland Wool Week Part 2

For me, an important part of my visit to Shetland was the inspiration and welcome I found wherever we went.

We had decided to rent a car, which meant we could travel around and see more of the island when we didn’t have workshops. Every time you drive round a bend there is another stunning view.

EshanessFrom the cliffs at Eshaness (yes it really was that colour)

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to the rugged beauty of St Ninian’s Isle

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to the buildings, there was inspiration everywhere.

You can certainly see how Jamieson’s choose their colour palette and everywhere I turned there were colours that screamed Fair Isle at me.

Having a car also meant we could get to some of the drop ins where you could admire the amazing knitting, talk to knitters, who were more than happy to pass on skills, and eat cake – lots of cake and all home made.

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We went to Ollaberry

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and spent an evening with the Isleburgh knitting group.

If you want to go to the 10th Shetland Wool Week I would recommend you book your accommodation now because they get booked up very quickly. You won’t regret a minute spent in this amazing community.

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