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Edinburgh Yarn Festival

Have you ever got so excited about going to an event, become so caught up in the atmosphere and then forgotten to take enough photos?  Yup that’s me.

I have been looking forward to attending the Edinburgh Yarn festival for months.  I was invited to join a party from Knit For Peace, staying in the amazing New Battle Abbey College.


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I set off ridiculously early on Wednesday and arrived just after lunch.  We spent a lovely afternoon knitting before having a good old sing song of such Scottish favourites as Ally Bally Bee ( I swear that tune is the worst/best ear worm ever) and Ye Cannie Shove Yer Grannie Off The Bus.

On Thursday some of us visited the National Galleries Scotland – check out these lovely paintings – before heading off for a delicious high tea at Contini.

venueFriday morning, and I was beyond excited.  We headed off to the venue where I met up with my friend, Ruth.

MarieAfter queueing to get in and ditching my bags we were off.  The first stand we saw was Marie Wallin’s and Ruth immediately bought a jumper kit for a lovely garment that Marie was wearing. Isn’t it just lovely.  I have challenged Ruth to have it ready for Shetland Wool Week.

Stephen WestNext I cornered poor Stephen West for a picture to send to a friend in the US.  As you can see I was channeling Ken Dodd.  Not my best side but I was too delirious with joy to ask for another. I bought 2 hanks of one of his yarns, pricey but gorgeous. I am wearing Orkney by Marie Wallin if you are interested, steeked and knitted in Felted Tweed.

The rest of the day was spent catching up with people I hadn’t seen for ages, marvelling at the wonderful knits people were wearing and lusting over acres of gorgeous yarn. I bought some Jamieson’s Spindrift to make my official hat for Shetland Wool Week and a lovely hank of sock yarn from Skein Queen in a delicate shade so the male members of my family don’t steal my socks.  I was pretty restrained in my purchases.

Screenshot 2018-03-19 18.46.45.pngI even got to meet Ann Shayne from Mason Dixon Knitting.  After years of corresponding this was our first chance to give each other a huge hug (Ann,  I have shamelessly nicked this image from your Instagram feed).

Here are a more few highlights, but as I said at the top of this post, I simply didn’t take enough photos.

As I left there was a bit of taxi confusion – I had got in to someone else’s cab – but the two ladies concerned invited me to share their journey with them.  I recognised one of them and guess what, it was the lovely Isabell Kraemer, who I have worked with on Yarn Stories.

It was a long journey home but I was smiling all the way.  If you have never been to EYF before, make sure you book for next year.  It was so inspiring and on a completely different level to many of the shows I visit.

2 comments on “Edinburgh Yarn Festival

  1. It sounds wonderful; I love your cardigan so much.

  2. josiekitten

    It sounds like you had a whale of a time. I’d love to go one year.

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