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Edward’s Menagerie Dogs

I first met Kerry Lord, the founder of Toft, at a trade show in Birmingham 7-8 years ago.  She was developing her yarn brand and was so knowledgeable and full of enthusiasm for what she hoped to achieve.

Over the years it has been a real joy to see how Toft has grown and Kerry has continued to innovate in a very exciting way.  A regular fixtures at yarn shows around the country Toft has gone from offering beautiful alpaca yarns to bringing out pattern collections and Edward’s Menagerie.

If you don’t know, Edward is Kerry’s oldest son.  While pregnant she taught herself to crochet and started making animals for him, which led to her first book.  I just loved the little goat in the first Menagerie collection, with her little beard.  Kerry has gone on to create birds, dolls and dinosaurs, offering many of them as kits – perfect for kids of all ages.

Having become a big fan of our canine friends later in life (we got our first dog 21 years ago), I was very excited when I heard Kerry’s latest book was going to contain dogs, dogs and more dogs.  As well as the most popular breeds there are also some more unusual ones such as the Puli, all encapsulate Kerry’s quirky style.

IMG_20180305_153805I was particularly delighted to see a Schnauzer called Romeo.  My gorgeous little neighbour will be 3 soon and he loves my Schnauzer, Buster, so I am well on the way to crocheting him his own Schnoo.

I love this book – it should be on every crocheters bookshelf – but I would like to warn you that some of the patterns aren’t as detailed as some new crocheters might need them to be.  For example, when you make the body parts the book tells you to make 6dc into a ring.  It doesn’t tell you what kind of ring.  Should you chain 4 and join or do a magic loop/ring?  To make sure the stitches closed neatly and didn’t leave a hole I went for the latter but it could be a bit clearer.

I hope my little neighbour likes his Schnauzer and if his mum is reading this, keep it under your hat!

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