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Lost my mojo

Something strange happened to me last night.  I sat down in front of the TV, ready to catch up on a couple of programmes and I didn’t pick up my knitting.  It would have been my favourite kind of knitting scenario but I just couldn’t be bothered.  Imagine that!

IMG_20180123_093556For the last two weeks I have been knitting a jumper for a fashion student and working on a couple of pattersn for the Knitting and Crochet Guild.  I am now staring down the barrel of some new designs which all need some serious swatching to make them work.

cef18-headerI seem to have arrived at a point where knitting has become a chore.  It is a reaction to something that needs to be done rather than a source of joy and comfort.  I have plenty of my own projects that I could be getting on with, but I just can’t seem to tap into my knitting mojo.  Not even the idea of casting on a new project has any appeal and that usually gets my yarnie pulse racing.

So what to do? I think part of the problem is, that if I knit during my working day it feels like I am skiving – it doesn’t really feel like work. But it is, it really is.  I just have to persuade myself that it is.

My big decision this week is to only knit things I want to in the evening, to create that division between work and play.  Looking at my work schedule over the coming weeks it’s not going to be easy but I really want to get back to my happy place.

4 comments on “Lost my mojo

  1. If it makes you feel any better, I have lost my work mojo, but have rediscovered my knitting mojo since finishing a few projects. Try spinning a few nights and that might inspire your knitting again!

  2. josiekitten

    I would definitely do some knitting that is for yourself or perhaps another crafty project. Hope it soon returns. x

  3. Sylvia lythgoe

    Hi Juliet, I think this sort of thing happens frequently, sometimes a break is needed. Put down needles and have a spell think of what you would like to create what stirs you ,, colours, patterns a fresh perpestive.. I had a terrible experience in the UK last December. I feel have lost an entire family. When I returned to NZ I. Was incapable of picking up needles. My big strong Ridgy who climbed mountains treked the world etc has been struck down by Parkinson’s. All happened so fast. . But very slowly a little joy is returning and my needles are in some use
    But it is a slow progress. You have a professional life and your own needs try and seperate the two.

    I send my best wishes and kind regards
    Sylvia Lythgoe

    • Hi Sylvia, How lovely to hear from you and I am so sorry you are having such a tough time. I hope you continue to find joy in your craft as I hope to as well. xxx

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