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Over the years I have done quite a lot of silversmithing, most recently at Rachel Jeffrey’s school in Wheathampstead.  It’s not always that easy for me to get to her evening classes but when she called to say she was running a Monday morning class I jumped at the chance to sign up for a 10 week term.  I love the way Rachel helps you to achieve a new design, guiding you through all the techniques you need to know and building your skills.

Now, strictly speaking I should be working, sorting through emails, planning posts etc but I have really felt the need to indulge my creative side and this feeling has been growing over the last couple of months. Starting my week by thinking of something other than pr and social media is actually framing my work time in a very positive way. And although I love knitting, working on jewellery is just so different that it’s a real tonic.

I like to make my designs in silver.  I love the way each piece behaves differently when you hammer it, the thrill of seeing the solder run in to a joint, even sawing is fun.  It is taking a bit of a toll on my finger nails but its definitely worth it.

So far I have been finishing off some pieces that have been languishing in my tool box – a lovely long chain with photo etched Mayan holy days linked in among other things.  That’s the picture at the beginning of this post.


Today I finished off this ring.  I cast the ivy leaf many years ago using the lost wax method and the ring is a cuttlefish casting from a couple of years ago.  They seemed to go so well together.

Next week the chain will also be finished and then I will start on a completely new design.  I’m not sure what it will be yet but I know I am going to have fun browsing through Pinterest for inspiration.

1 comment on “Silversmithing

  1. josiekitten

    That looks like a very nice way to spend your Monday mornings 🙂

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