When bad things happen to good knitting


Just when I think that I am getting quite good at this knitting lark something happens to make me feel like a complete novice. I am very embarrassed to show you what a cock up I have made.

I have been knitting Red Shift by Jared Flood which is a fantastic pattern.  All my favourite things; stranded knitting, steeking, knitting in the round.  I didn’t use the recommended yarn because, as you know, I am on a yarn diet.  I chose two yarns from Gomitolis in lambswool and lambswool/cashmere from my stash.  They are typically Italian spun yarn with multiple ends and very bouncy.

I really enjoyed knitting the body of the shawl.  It looked great and the steek went really well.  I cast on the first part of the edging but when I finished it one side was a bit cockled.  I knew I had picked up the correct number of stitches so figured I would just block out the irregularity.


Then I picked up the hypotenuse border and noticed that the gap between the decrease shapings and the edge of the steek was really showing with yarn grinning through. Yuk.


Normally I would simply unravel a project.  I believe not being afraid to frog your work is one of the most valuable things I have learned.  But this work is steeked so it simply isn’t possible.

At the moment I am considering unravelling all the borders and trying to tweak the pattern to compensate for the overly lofty yarn that I chose. Instead of just getting on with it, I am trying to find as many other projects as possible to take my mind off my mistakes. I need to convince myself this is a learning opportunity rather than beating myself up for working in the wrong yarn.

Ho hum

2 comments on “When bad things happen to good knitting

  1. This is gorgeous. Why not try just blocking the hell out of it? Or, frog the edging and then pick up fewer stitches? Or go down a needle size–if that’s possible. And then block the hell out of it. This project has been on my list for a while, and it’s wonderful to see it knit up in another color.

  2. It is a lovely knit but, although I am a huge fan of steeking I think i would knit it backwards and forwards rather than in the round next time.

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