Hello again

It has been a month since I last posted.  I had every intention of writing while I was away with work and on holiday, but dodgy internet connections put paid to that.  I think I also just needed a break, sitting and knitting while overlooking a beautiful loch on the Outer Hebrides.

But I am back and wanted to share a bit about where I have been. The first week was spent in the Faroe Islands with a group of knitters on an Arena Travel holiday.  We had such fun and learned a huge amount about the islands; they have a population of 50,000 and 75,000 sheep; they  wear their national dress at any opportunity; they like to eat a stew made from ‘fermented’ lamb’s meat; they learned how to cut peat and line fish from the Shetland islanders many hundreds of years ago; many houses have grass on the roof to help protect against the storm; they love to knit.

hut for drying food

We had a fantastic guide who took us to several museums, a walking tour of Torshavn (the capital) and to meet the producers of Snaeldan and Navia wool.  The historical knitted items were fascinating.

He was just so knowledgeable and happy to share the history of the islands.  I loved the lovely little churches dotted around the coast, two of which you can see here.

The ladies I was teaching came from all over the world and learned continental knitting, two-handed Fair Isle and steeking as well as a basic tutorial in Dorset buttons.

We packed so much in to our week on these amazing islands and I would love to go back.  If you want to read more I am currently writing an article for The Knitter

3 comments on “Hello again

  1. Sounds like absolute heaven. Hope it felt like a holiday as well as like work. I saw this trip advertised and thought it was a brilliant idea.

    Is it my imagination or do the place names you’ve mentioned sound quite Norse-influenced?

    • It was just perfect. Even though the islands are close to the Shetlands it is part of the Danish realm but was once part of Norway, so you are right, there is a very strong Norse influence.

  2. josiekitten

    It looks beautiful. Glad you had a good time.

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