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Holiday Dilemmas

As the holiday season approaches I am getting more and more stressed.  Not only will I be taking a break with DH (our first grown-up holiday in more than 20 years), but I am also travelling with Arena Travel to the Faroe Islands to teach.  It’s not the packing and remembering to pack the travel plug and ALL the chargers I need.  IT’s choosing which knitting and crochet projects to take with me.Of course I do have a list, but narrowing it down is giving me sleepless nights.

Here is the long, un-edited version.


I am a huge fan of Sofie Digard and have been crocheting different sizes of granny squares in Noro Sekku lace (now discontinued).  This project is crocheted on a 2.5mm hook and is very fine and portable.


I have cast on Stripes Gone Crazy by Atelier Alfa in Gomitoli’s 4 ply Lambswool (grey) and Lambswool Cashmere in a lovely light green.  This is a top down cardi and so far a very satisfying knit.

My relatively new sock addiction offers me lots of possibilities and I have a pair on the go in Zauberball.  It’s my own design incorporating a strong heel – kind of mindless knitting that I can remember off by heart and can pick up and put down without losing my place.

Gallret_20rott_small2Bohus Stickning’s Red Grillwork was a pressie to myself earlier in the year and I have wanted to get this started for a while.  I need to read the pattern thoroughly before I go to make sure I know what I am doing.


The Knitter have commissioned a wrap in Kauni Effektgarn lace featuring Transylvanian cross stitch designs, re-interpretated as Fair Isle.  It will have a very long steek so I can fringe it once it is cut.  This is a big knit and I really need to get on with it.

Then there’s a cushion I want to knit from Jamieson’s of Shetland to use up some stash, some socks for my neighbours little boy, a crocheted moebius wrap for the winter…… I could go on and on.

So my question to you is how many and which projects should I take?  I will undoubtedly knit less than I expect and I do want to finish something.

Ho hum, back to the list.

1 comment on “Holiday Dilemmas

  1. josiekitten

    I always spend ages picking out a whole range of projects for holiday travels. I like to have plenty of choice and worry that I’ll run out of yarn (I haven’t yet!!!)

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