The last few months have been full of knitting and designing commissions, from hats for statues as part of innocent’s Big Knit to jumpers and hats for the Eddie The Eagle movie.  I have had so little time to knit for myself that the projects I want to try have been piling up.

But now all that is behind me and I find myself in a kind of vacuum, not knowing which project to start.  I have a very long list including the Bohus Stickning jumper from my last post,  Frozen from Rowan magazine, a Fair Isle wrap in Kauni Effekt Garn I have design based on Transylvanian cross stitch designs, a pair of socks in Debbie Bliss’ Rialto Luxury sock yarn for my holiday in Scotland.  I could go on. And I have a quantity of project bags with items that need finishing including the Orkney cardigan, Flaum which features Fisherman’s rib (lots of knitting but it never seems to grow) and Loden which I took to Australia with me and has languished ever since.


My problem is that, apart from scarves and wraps, I don’t actually wear that much knitwear.  My boobage makes me look terrifying in many garments which I learned the hard way.  Imagine how soul destroying it is to get to the end of a garment and hate how it looks on you. So projects have to be chosen carefully.

The other thing  is that I can’t seem to be faithful – I am not monogamous. Knitting patterns are like a love affair.  The heady days of casting on, the promise of joy to come and then the downright day to day drudgery of finishing and sewing up. I guess that’s why I have so many projects on the go. My head is easily turned and right now I am toying with the idea of a flirtation with a lovely sock design from Helen Kurtz called Kali Kardia


My head tells me to finish a few projects but my heart is reaching for the stash and needles.  HELP!!

3 comments on “Knitting for myself

  1. Christina Nunn

    I love that fair isle cardigan, all of a sudden I feel very covetous!!!! Just go for what makes you feel good, and keep those designs coming. I have just finished Bamburgh loved doing it and love the finished article. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I need to spend an hour or two with Ravelry to decide!! Do share a picture of your finished project.

  3. My vote goes for the socks!! They are easy and mindless, so you can easily be working on them alongside something else. And of course, once they’re done, there’s minimal finishing! 😉 Love the Fair Isle cardigan, it is going to look fabulous when it’s done (not to say it doesn’t look fab already mind you!)

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