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Bohus Stickning – The Beginning of a Love Affair


I recently finished an article for the Knitter about Bohus Stickning, which is in the latest issue, and it has left such an impression on me.
More eloquent writers than me, such as Kate Davies in her Yokes book, have written about this movement/Brand/Iconic design house, but the more I researched, the more I was drawn in to the story. Originally a social enterprise, Bohus Stickning became loved by movie stars and wealth Fashionistas all over the world.  I am not going to giveaway too much about my article but if you want to know more and can’t wait can I recommend this book to you – Bohus Stickning, The Revival by Viveka Overland.

I had been given some money for my Birthday in February and decided to invest in a jumper kit from Angoragarnet, who are now producing the official Bohus Stickning knitting kits.  You may know that I love graphic, strong designs and even though the delicacy and colour blends in design like Blue Shimmer and Wild Apple are so mouth-watering, it was Red Grillwork that really captured my imagination.


The kit arrived really quickly and I was so excited to actually get my hands on the yarns that Pernille from Angoragarnet supplies.  Just look at the colours!  The shades are so beautifully dyed and the hues chosen so that they blend perfectly in the pattern.  The yarn is a mix of Pernille’s much prized angora rabbits and lambswool which is so soft and has a delicate halo.  The rabbits are carefully clipped and very well looked after.

The design will be knitted on 2 and 2.5mm needles which should keep me quiet for a while and I think it will be the perfect holiday project for me later in the year.

1 comment on “Bohus Stickning – The Beginning of a Love Affair

  1. Those colours are stunning together. I can imagine just how soft they feel. Look forward to following your progress.

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