Cashmere Fair Isle hat

A Freebie for Mother’s Day

I have been working on a new hat pattern since Christmas and have been playing with the top of the hat just to see what would happen.  Instead of doing a K3tog I have been pairing up K2tog and SSK or SSK followed by K2tog.
If you throw colour into the mix you can get some really nice effects like this knitted in Jamieson of Shetland Spindrift.

Low and behold what you are actually knitting when you get to the top of the hat is my favourite shape in the world – a hexagon.  Which is making me take another look at my Beryl Blanket.  Fair Isle, hexagons, knitting in the round and no sewing up?????? Be still my beating heart.
But before I get ahead of myself a bit more about the Diamond hat.

Here is the top of the chart.  The decreases start with K2tog and finish with SSK.  I prefer my SSK to be ‘slip one knitwise, slip one purlwise and knit through the back of both stitiches’.  I find this helps the stitches to lie really well.

And here is the hat knitted in Gomitoi’s Cashmere 4 ply – yummy!

You can get the pattern free from the Gomitoli’s Facebook page.
Please make sure you like the page while you are there and Happy Mother’s Day.

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