A gift of a pattern

This morning there was a lovely message from Ravelry in my in box saying that a friend  had gifted me a pattern.  What a lovely surprise! Sending patterns as gifts through Ravelry is really easy and a great way to make a knitter smile.  The pattern had only just gone up but she knew I would like it.  What a wonderful lady she is.  The pattern was All The Shades of Truth, a stole by Laura Aylor and it sent me in to a feverish bout of stash diving.  Laura has designed her pattern for a Madeline Tosh yarn but I do have a fair bit of Rowan Felted Tweed. After a bit of humming and haaing I settled on some colours but couldn’t get my head round how they were going to look together.  You can tell a brilliant designer from their attention to detail and Laura has put a blank stole at the end of her pattern for you to colour in. 

The colours I have chosen work really well so I am off to cast on. Technically I should probably finish one of my other projects first but my boys are all out tonight and I have some sparkling wine and a box of strawberries lined up so what the hell!
Have a fantastic Bank Holiday.

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