Chrome not quite so shiny

Yesterday, all over the world the media were trumpeting the arrival of a new web browser called Chrome. Google, whose little baby it is, claimed they weren’t trying to mount a full frontal assault on Internet explorer and I for one believe them.

Why?  Well, withing minutes of launch the bloggers started asking one pretty salient question.  Where’s the Google Toolbar? The answer is there isn’t one!!!! 
This has to be one of the most hilarious oversights this year.  If Google want the early adopting tecchie community to try out Chrome then they need to spend some serious time understanding their user.  Haven’t they ever heard of interaction design or usability testing?
The reason people love Google is it makes their world easier.  I am addicted to the Google Toolbar because it gives me easy access to my life – emails, calendar and I have been trying out the documents as well. Without this toolbar I don’t have access to the bookmarks I have been collecting for a specific project, I can’t check my emails easily etc etc.
I think Google are telling the truth.  They aren’t even close to mounting a challenge on IE, even though it pains me to say so. I fear they have gone into battle unarmed.
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