Ocado don’t get ethical

Ocado are just hopeless. We were the first family in our town to use them and I have been one of their staunchest supporters until earlier this year.

One of their weekly emails was headed ‘We’re reducing our footprint’ which was to tell us that so concerned were Ocado about leaving dirty boot marks in your kitchen all drivers were being issued with a big box of boot mitts. This came two weeks after they were delightedly telling us all about their new machine that recycles plastic bags.

They really don’t get it, do they? When I called customer services to ask if the mitts were made from the recycled bags or were bio-degradable they hadn’t any idea and the press office (who thought someone had done a cost analysis of the price of boot mitts vs. the cost of cleaning the carpets of disgruntled customers) were going to ‘get back to me’. Needless to say nearly 5 months later I am still waiting.

But what really secures their place at the top of my green washer league is an email from them, received today, that tells me they are making my bill less wasteful by being the first supermarket to print the sell-by dates on my receipt so I don’t throw so much stuff away.
I think they expect me to have their supersized A4 bill wafting around under a fridge magnet next to the kids paintings. Er no! I think these ideas are thought up by a bloke because WOMEN KNOW HOW TO READ THE SELL BY DATES when we unpack the shopping.WOW!!!!!!
Here’s a revolutionary idea for Ocado. Why not make your receipt smaller or better still email it to me as it leaves the depot so I can decide if I want to print it off.
On the other had, maybe I am wrong about all of this and what Ocado really get is irony.

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