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The first cut is the deepest

Or not in the case of my garden shears! I swear I look after them – well I may have left them in the rain once or twice – but as soon as my back is turned they go blunt. And do you know how hard it is to sharpen them? Don’t even bother reaching for the kitchen knife sharpener, it just aint gonna cut it (ouch). I asked at all the local garden centres and was eventually pointed in the direction of a company that sells lawn mowers who could sharpen anything I had a mind to. The guy was very sweet and really helpful but told me they had stopped doing it because at £10 to sharpen a pair of shears IT WAS EASIER TO BUY A NEW SET.
I walked out of the shop stunned. It was one of those few occassions when I was lost for words and realised that even could I have said something it was going to mean nothing to him.
It’s a pretty perfect example of what our society has become – the complete antithesis of ‘make do and mend’. My mission now is to love my shears and find a way of keeping them sharp and glistening.
Any ideas very welcome.

1 comment on “The first cut is the deepest

  1. You need an old fashioned oilstone they sharpen everything.

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