cabling lace

Chart busters

I started with the best of intentions, just like when you get a new diary for Christmas and promise to write in it every day. Now look, it’s a month and a half and I haven’t written anything.

But I did finish my Rowanette Exchange. The beautiful Laminaria in the finest merino and silk yarn was a real revelation. Lace knitting, just like cabling really isn’t so hard. You just have to be able to follow a chart and keep count.
‘Well, that’s easy for her to say!’
No, it’s easy for all of you. I remember the look of pure joy on a lady’s face at a workshop when she had made her first cable. She wasn’t just proud of herself, she realised that the whole concept was easier than it looked. A new world of possibilities was open to her and the real thrill is that you score extra brownie points because it all looks so technical.
So, if you have the mother in law to please this Christmas knock her dead (so to speak) with one of the many shawls on Ravelry or put Latvian lace in Google and see what you get.

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