Gadget Barbie is in love

If you are a knitter reading this, watch out! This is a gadget post.

I have spent a very frustrating week trying to work around a number of customer service lines all in the name of writing a review of the fantastic new Asus Eeepc. Online consumer electronics companies really have no idea how to deal with people! At one point I had 2 on order, in stock but no, they couldn’t tell me when they might deliver???? In the end the lovely people at TCR Direct answered my prayers with an overnight delivery.

Enough bitching.Let’s get back to the Asus. This really is not just any old Ultra mobile PC, the 900 (Linux version) is THE UMPC. About the size of an A5 pad and packed with 20GB, it slips neatly into my handbag. I have only discovered two problems so far: if you have big hands the keyboard will be tricky and getting onto mobile broadband without tying yourself into a ridiculous contract is a challenge.
I will post a full review on gadgetspeak very soon.

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