Rowanette Exchange

I am ‘proper’ excited, as No1 son would say.
I have just had my Rowanette exchange person sent to me so I can now get knitting.
The Rowanette Exchange is run through the Rowan International members forum
It’s a bit like a secret Santa. You fill out a special questionnaire and then you wait. Have you answered the questions well enough? Are your skills up to the mark? Does it matter if you don’t want someone to knit you socks? It’s very nerve-wracking.
The exchange moms work tirelessly behind the scenes to pair everyone up with 2 people – one to knit for and one who knits for you. I can’t begin to tell you the excitement of getting the email that announces your exchange ‘dates’. I found myself this morning scrabbling to read through the questionnaire of who I have been given, thumbing through acres of patterns and bags of yarn to pick just the right item that will make them smile.
I now have a month or so to knit something ‘Footloose and Fancy Free’ for a lady in Spain.
Big love

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