I don’t often go to blogger events but last week I found myself in John Lewis in Oxford Street for a pleasant evening finding out more about Novita yarns from Finland.

IMG_20180906_183239I have to be honest I had never heard of this brand, which is why I went along. because it’s always nice to meet a new yarn.  Novita create fine yarns from the largest spinning mill in the Nordic region and they have been around for quite a while – four generations of the same family have owned and run the business. Each year 10 million balls of yarn are produced and they are constantly looking at and reducing the impact their production process is having on the environment, which gets a big tick from me.

Novita 1The colour range is a little limited and the designs are very Nordic with a big focus on sock yarns in different weights, but I guess in the deepest winter in Finland warm socks are a must have.

IMG_20180906_175154They are well-known in Scandinavia for the quality of the yarns they produce with their best known yarns being 7 Brothers  (lovely squidginess when I tried knitting with it) and Teddy Bear.  I am looking for a yarn for my first garment design and I have to say Nordic Wool is looking pretty good.

Novita 2In this sample I have knitted some tuck stitches as well as stripes and a bit of Fair Isle.  It feels a little rough when you knit with it but it blooms beautifully when you steam it.

If you are a knitter who is comfortable with substituting yarns, I would definitely give Novita a go.  The yarns are only available through John Lewis in the UK


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