Fair Isle


It’s been a couple of weeks since I blogged and I have no excuse other than life got in the way.

As well as my lovely craft clients I am working on the community PR for a major development proposed for Welwyn Garden City. We had a major event for local families during half term that engulfed me and left me with very little time for anything other than work.

IMG_20180504_130406But now I’m back and brimming with ideas.  When I visited the Lake District with DH recently I took a photo that has been lingering in my mind. Just look at the colours on the mountainside!

IMG_20180604_105702When we got back I rushed straight to my Jamieson’s of Shetland shade card and managed to find the colours I wanted.

IMG_20180605_124840I have now started swatching.  I quite like the brown as the background and the way the patterns are coming together, but I may try reversing the pale pink and green to make the darker pink pop out some more. I am going to swatch a couple more designs before I decide.

I am also not sure what to do about the crown, I want it to be a traditional tam top.  I am taking a workshop on just this subject at Shetland Wool Week with Donna Smith, so I may have to wait to finish this design until I have learned from a master.

6 comments on “Sorry

  1. Christina

    Interesting post, it would be good to see what your search looks like with those colours reversed. Not that hopefully you will need to wear it for a while. I’m in Ware and am absolutely melting today🌞

  2. The colors are divine.

  3. What a nice combination of shades, they fit together very well.
    Enjoy the designing (and learning) process

  4. josiekitten

    So interesting to see how the photo translates into yarn shades and swatches.

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