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Shetland Wool Week

Less than 5 months to go until I will be travelling to Shetland Wool Week. This is something I have always wanted to do and it was last September when a conversation turned in to a dream come true.

I was on an Arena Travel cruise with a wonderful group of knitters, teaching them Fair Isle and steeking.  Two of the ladies I had met the year before(Gail and Ruth) when we all travelled together to the Faroe Islands.  We had a great time on Shetland and plundered the Jamieson’s of Shetland shop, but when we returned to the boat the subject of visiting Shetland Wool Week came up. Now the two ladies had become 3 (Susan, a fellow cruiser) who wanted to go.

Fast forward to Yarndale where I managed to catch up with Ruth and Susan. We were all still enthusiastic and all quite serious about going to SWW so I started an email, which also included Elaine (came to the Faroes but not the cruise, friend of Gail) and then we were 5.

Ruth is one of the most organised people I had ever met and no sooner had SWW 17 finished than she had secured us a house for SWW18.  I still can’t quite believe it but were going.  Waiting a year seemed impossible but what with Christmas and then Edinburgh Yarn Festival, the months have been speeding by.

The release of the official SWW 18 hat got us in to a renewed frenzy.  This gorgeous design, called Merrie Dancers Torrie by Patron Elizabeth Johnston can be knitted in DK or 4ply so I have knitted one of each.

img_20180418_095728-1.jpgNothing but Jamieson’s Spindrift would do for the 4ply one and I even bought the yarn at EYF to add authenticity.  I loved the colours but realised I hadn’t assigned the colours to the design in the way I wanted.  It has too much dark green for my liking – I would have preferred more duck egg and yellow – but I do quite like it.

hat 2The DK one is a mixture of Willow and Lark Woodland and Yarn Stories Fine Merino DK.  For this version I decided to go dark which is much more in keeping with the colours I normally wear.  This one I love.

IMG_20180418_095701 (1)So why two?  Well, 3 of us are actually on the island for 2 weeks so I wanted to have a selection to wear.  Who knows, I may yet crank out another just for the hell of it.

Now all we have to wait for is the list of workshops which will be out soon.  Funnily enough I’m not that bothered about doing loads and loads of workshops.  If I can’t get in to some I will equally enjoy just hanging out with knitters and marvelling at all the wonderful garments and accessories I expect to see.

Roll on September.


4 comments on “Shetland Wool Week

  1. Susan Graham

    My comment is, eeeeeek I am very excited to be going and feel similar to you Juliet about not wanting to swamp my experience with too many workshops and do want to enjoy wider Shetland too. So, boots will be packed and walking and exploring will be done with plenty of knitting at any opportunity! Roll on September 😘😘

  2. WOW ! I do admire this …(what do the insides look like ? – colourwork is beyond me)

    • Colour work is less scary than you think. I teach the two-handed method, so if you knit the English way, you learn continental knitting and then have one yarn in each hand. I have had many Fair Isle virgins in my workshop and they have all succeeded. Keep trying and have a look on YouTube.

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