Revisiting a pattern

Sometimes it’s nice to revisit a pattern you have knitted before. It might have been a real challenge or taught you a new technique, or it might just have been a really satisfying knit.

IMG_20180410_184347I have been knitting a lot of hats recently so I was looking for a bit of an ‘antidote knit’.  My dear friend, Michelle, had brought me this lovely yarn from Walk Collection in just the right colours for me.  I have never heard of this brand, who are from Germany, and the colours they offer are just wonderful while the yarn itself is a delight to knit.

Normally I would look at a yarn like this and think socks, but it’s just too nice.  I want to see it when it is knitted so decided to go for a mitts pattern.  Which one to choose?  A quick search on Ravelry offered me so many choices and then I remembered a pattern that I designed nearly 6 years ago.

I was intrigued why you could knit a top down jumper or toe up socks and yet there were very few top down gloves.  ‘Why would you bother?’, I hear you cry. Well, I like to use the long tail cast on.  It makes such a beautifully even edge.  I am not that in love with my casting off – its so hard to get the right amount of elasticity and the finish to look even enough.  With most mitts patterns the cast off is the one you see.  Do you see my logic?

Orange mitts1It became a bit of a challenge to myself to see if I could design a pair of top down gloves.  The result is my Knuckle Down mitts.  Admittedly, they are a bit more fiddly than normal ones because you have to knit a few rows of the thumb on a spare needle and introduce them as you go. But I am more than happy with the results and the fit is great, because you move up and down needle sizes to reflect the shape of your palms, wrists and forearms.

If any of you want to try out the pattern, I have made it a free Ravelry download until the end of April.  Simply use the code Knuckle2018 at the check out.

1 comment on “Revisiting a pattern

  1. That ball of yarn is extraordinary: it looks as if it’s made of shiny stuff … but then, I often reflect grumpiy on the fact that so many yarns appear to have a silky quality in the sales photos but turn out to have lost it entirely upon arrival. So tell me: is this Walk Collection yarn really shiny ?
    The mittens are great, but Aussies don’t really use mittens … How about some gloves ? – naah, too fiddly, eh ? 🙂

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