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The Vintage Shetland Project

When I was in Edinburgh recently I bumped in to the lovely Susan Crawford, looking radiant.  The first thing she said to me was that her latest book would be with me very soon. As you know,  I am a Fair Isle junkie and I cam over all light-headed at the thought of getting my hands on The Vintage Shetland Project at last.

True to her word it arrived this week.  If you haven’t heard about The Vintage Shetland Project you simply must get your hands on this book. I think it must be a couple of years ago, or maybe more, when Susan began her quest to crowd fund a definitive book based around the archive of patterns held on Shetland.  Before I had even finished reading about this ambitious project I had signed up as a funder, securing a copy of the book and a glove kit to boot.

IMG_20180326_164329.jpgIt must have been a crushing blow to Susan when she became ill and the project had to be delayed, but her strength, bravery and determination to continue really shone through her many posts on Facebook.  So many of us were cheering her on and sending her love and hugs throughout her treatment.


Despite the set backs, Susan has achieved her dream and I believe she has created a very important work for knitters all over the world.  Not only has she taken patterns from the archives and recreated them in today’s yarns, but she has photographed them with such tenderness, bringing out their beauty in the soft light of Shetland itself. Each pattern is thoughtfully laid out with very precise instructions for all levels of knitter.

IMG_20180326_164052Along with the patterns are a series of essays that give insight in to the background of the knitting industry on Shetland and the designs themselves, meticulously researched by Susan.  She is quite simply a hero of our craft.

I can’t wait to cast on my gloves and settle down to read the book more thoroughly.

Thank you, Susan.

2 comments on “The Vintage Shetland Project

  1. Truly beautiful things … but I can’t get the TV series out of my head whenever I see ‘Shetland’. Not that that’s a problem:it was terrific television (AND had the yummy Douglas Henshall in it). 🙂

  2. josiekitten

    I wish I had known about the crowdfunding project at the time, I would have loved to support Susan too. Her work is amazing.

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