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Willow and Lark Woodland

I was recently sent a gorgeous box of goodies from Love Knitting with a new yarn from their Willow and Lark, range called Woodland, a lovely tweedy yarn.  It reminds me very strongly of Rowan’s Felted tweed, which is my all-time favourite yarn, but with Rowan’s ex-brand manager working with Love Knitting, that may not be a coincidence.  Woodland even has the same meterage!

Being such a lover of Felted Tweed, and having met some poor imitations in the past, I was understandably sceptical.

wl1I decided to test a couple of shades by knitting a new Fair Isle design I have been playing with and I can happily tell you that Woodland is lovely to knit with.  In fact I am very happy with the result.

The Felted Tweed palette can seem a bit dull, which many Rowan fans have commented on, but the Woodland shade range feels brighter.  The ribbing knitted in Woodland is a bit flimsy but overall it’s a thumbs up from me.  I do have to admit that in a blind testing I’m not sure I could tell the two yarns apart.

I hope that, going forward, Woodland continues to expand its palette to include some more modern colours and doesn’t just try to echo Felted Tweed’s muddy hues.

1 comment on “Willow and Lark Woodland

  1. josiekitten

    I’m another fan of the Rowan Felted Tweed. I knit a cardigan that’s now sadly too big for me,

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