Happy New Year!  Is it too late to wish you that?

2017 seems to have just flown by in a blur of yarn, fibre and sewing threads and here we are in 2018.  I am really looking forward to the year ahead with two trips planned already.  I am visiting the Edinburgh Yarn Festival and Shetland Wool Week.  Lucky me!

I always feel duty bound to try at least one resolution each year.  Last year I was on another yarn diet.  I actually did quite well, managing a whole 7 months but a trip to Shetland and a visit to Jamieson’s shop broke me.  Still I did manage to get rid/use up/ give away quite a lot of yarn.

sekku2This year I am going for 3 resolutions that should be achievable.  First of all I am going to finish projects – at least two before I am allowed to cast another on.  At the moment I have a cowl, a shawl, a scarf, three cardigans, a hat, another cowl and a pair of gloves on the go.  If I’m really not in love with any of them I am going to rip and frog away.

Secondly I have signed up to Craftsy unlimited with my Christmas money and I am going to learn something new each month.  Although I find the knitting classes don’t inspire me, the crochet sewing, bread baking and photography really float my boat.  I hope to report back on each class I take, showing any new skills I have picked up and any flops.

IMG_20170912_152424Finally I am hoping to design my first garment.  I have a pile of Spindrift somewhere that is earmarked for a top down, Fair Isle cardigan, but I need to do a bit of swatting, swatching and calculating before I start.  I have never attempted a garment before because I have never felt I was a ‘proper’ designer, but I have decided to have a go, just to see if I can.  I’m sure it’s going to be frustrating, humbling and great fun.

Here’s to a very creative year.

5 comments on “Resolutions

  1. Good luck with your goals! They all sound both achievable and fun. I’ll be looking forward to your reports from the Edinburgh and Shetland events. I have a milestone birthday next year and hope to treat myself to solo trips to both events as an extra treat.

  2. Good luck, I will check in to see if you are on track. I have learnt a lot from the yarn diet experience and aim to continue on a low-calorie (yarn) diet. This will also carry over to fiber, and I have put myself on a limited fabric budget since sewing has taken over my passions at the moment.

  3. Ha, if you’re not a ‘proper’ designer, then I don’t know who is! Enjoy this year, and may it be full of yarn. I look forward to hearing about all the Craftsy classes.

  4. josiekitten

    Love the idea of learning new skills but I would worry that it would lead to new kinds of stash acquisition! I too need to finish projects before starting anything new. I like your idea of finish 2, start 1. And I echo Phil, if you don’t think of yourself as a proper designer, then there’s not much hope for the likes of us!

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