A while ago I was lucky enough to visit the lovely Jane Crowfoot at her studio.  We were filming a video for her latest, gorgeous CAL called Bohemian blooms.  My job was to interview her about her inspiration, the yarns and techniques, so crocheters would know what to expect.   You can see the video here.

Just before I left I noticed some strange looking new needles from Addi called AddiCraSyTrio – I’m sorry but that really is a crap name.

They seemed to be a cross between a DPN and a circular needle and I knew I would have to give them a thorough testing.  As soon as Jane got them in stock I ordered a couple of sizes.


The Trios come in threes.  Your stitches are held on two needles and you knit with the third.  Because the tips are joined by a short cable they are able to bend so just using two needles isn’t a problem.

Given the amount of Christmas gift knitting I am doing I thought I would try them out on a pair of socks and I can report I quite like them.  You do need to take a bit of time to get used to them, but I think they help with my tension.  Because there are more stitches on each needle, I find I am able to keep my tension more consistent, especially on Fair Isle, when constantly changing needles such as DPNs can have a real impact.

If you are used to magic loop I think you’ll find them quite useful because you don’t have to pull huge lengths of cable through your stitches.

So what didn’t I like? I have large hands and the actual needle tip is short so I couldn’t knit as fast as I normally do.  Also with only 3 needles, and with out a clip to hold them together or a pouch to keep them in, I am a bit scared of losing one – they aren’t cheap.  Dear Addi, if you are listening, please can you get your thinking caps on.

Although they are currently out of stock, you will be able buy the Trios (sorry I can’t bring myself to use the proper name) from Jane’s website  in late January.

1 comment on “AddiCraSyTrio

  1. josiekitten

    I’ve seen these a couple of times on social media and they intrigue me. I would like to give them a try. I much prefer Magic Loop to knitting on dpns these days.

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