Diamond Dotz

When I was a child I loved Lego, building things with the little squares and rectangles was so soothing.  When my boys were old enough to be bought Lego, I would pray they would ask for my help building the latest Star Wars or Harry Potter construction.  I feel the same way about jigsaws, fitting the image together.

I have recently come across a new concept called Diamond Dotz and, although it has nothing to do with little plastic bricks it somehow reminded me of playing with my Lego or jigsaws.

IMG_20171103_124445Basically it is colour by numbers using little, round, plastic, faceted jewels.  The design is printed on to canvas with the picture printed in a sticky substance.  You use the little pen tool to pick up a jewel and add it to the canvas on the coded square, building up a picture. Some of the jewels are sparkly to add another dimension to the picture.

I know it might not be to everyone’s taste and many of you would prefer cross stitch but it is definitely very addictive.  Once I had started I just couldn’t stop.  ‘Just one more colour’, I told myself.  Sound familiar?

IMG_20171103_130552I’m not entirely sure what I am going to do with the finished rainbow but there are lots of other images available including a huge Klimt The Kiss.  I have bought myself a Nautilus image, which is around 20″ wide and I know I’m going to have great fun making it up.

In the future I am sure there will be lots of other pictures available but I would like them to develop a service where you can upload your own image to be customised for you. Or little greetings cards kits. Or…..

2 comments on “Diamond Dotz

  1. Oh wow! (I would LOVE to see the Nautilus image once it’s done.) Presumably this is why you love knitting – and colourwork especially – too. It’s all about creating images from tiny little units of colour…

  2. josiekitten

    I’ve not seen anything like this before. It reminds me of the Hama beads my friend’s children used to create all kinds of lovely things. Enjoy!

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