Playing with colour

Having just spent the weekend at Yarndale – what a show – I feel like I have slightly over-indulged in colour. In just two days I must have seen just about every shade and hue under the sun, and what a treat that was.   Most of them I would never wear, but colour is endlessly uplifting and inspiring for me.

I came back with a renewed enthusiasm to tackle some of the odd balls in my stash and finally make them in to something.  To help me I have been playing with a website called the Granny Squares Color Pattern Generator.  Before I go on, I have to declare an interest. I was introduced to the site by Angela from Get Knotted Yarn Craft,  a Blogstar for Stylecraft, whose PR I work on.

Screenshot 2017-09-18 10.38.20The website is really easy to use.  Simply look at your stash, feed in the colours, decide how many colours in each granny square, how big you want your blanket, and, hey presto, it works the combinations out for you.

Screenshot 2017-09-26 16.14.29Here is another.

Screenshot 2017-09-26 16.32.00And another, which I really, really like.

What Angela didn’t tell me is how addictive this site is. I have so many combinations on the go, I am getting a bit dizzy.  She has also recommended a website to generate random stripes for blankets but best not go there or else I won’t have any time for crochet.

3 comments on “Playing with colour

  1. As an indiscreet and lascivious glutton of color, I salute your self control. Love the color generator and earlier this week saw how one designer included coloring pages with her patterns so people can play with a variety of ideas. Thanks again for a great class. Best wishes from Texas.

  2. josiekitten

    Thanks for reminding us of these resources. 🙂

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