I have to admit I fell seriously off the yarn diet wagon on my recent trip to Shetland.  The Jamieson’s of Shetland shop, with its amazing wall of colour was just too much for me – I’m sure I dribbled over the Spindrift.

So I now have over 30 balls to add to my stash.  In my defence they are 25g balls! I have been planning to knit Many Fair Isles by Bodicea Binnerts which is a wonderful melange of different Fair Isle patterns in one garment.  Designed in just two colours it is a real graphic mash up, so I ‘invested’ in the yarn on my trip.

But then a wonderful new book called Alter Knit Stitch Dictionary by Andrea Rangel arrived on my desk.  To be honest I had forgotten I had preordered it from Amazon but it was a lovely surprise.  This book is a feast for any Fair Isle knitter with 200 really interesting and definitely non-traditional patterns. As you know I love graphical motifs, having incorporated weaving and embroidery designs in to hats for my DH, and this book is like knitter’s porn for me.

IMG_20170912_152424As you can see from my swatch I have been playing with some of the patterns and, NEWSFLASH, I am about to create my own cardigan.  I can’t quite believe I have just typed that.  It won’t appear on Ravelry, it is just for me.  Partly because it will probably take me 10 years to finish, but also because I am going to have to use an existing pattern as a template for the shape of the garment and I don’t want to rip any designer off.

But it does mark a rather radical step forward in my design journey, so, if it goes well who knows where it will lead me.

7 comments on “Swatching

  1. Brilliant! Pre-order books that you’ve forgotten about are always a lovely surprise and I’m looking forward to seeing your cardigan 😀 xx

  2. Happy knitting, sounds like a really interesting project. Can’t wait to see it. X

  3. Looking good. I have decided that if you start now, the yarn doesn’t make it to your stash – so technically it is forgiven! It’s like drinking Diet Coke with cake😜
    Love the patterns and did you choice black and grey by any chance?

    • Actually no it’s Rosewood which is a brown with traces of inky blue, and Rye which is yellowy cream. Not me at all, huh?

  4. This book sounds wonderful. (Stranded-addict speaking here.) Thank you for telling us about it.

    My bank balance is about to suffer, I fear…

  5. josiekitten

    It looks like a great book but I must master the basics before delving deeper into colourwork.

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