A visit to Oslo

My DH and I recently headed to Oslo to visit with the wonderful Eline Oftedal and her DH, Arve.  If you have never been I can highly recommend it.

What an amazing place and such great architecture.


Nestled at the head of the Oslo fjord, Norway’s capital is very cosmopolitan and yet you can escape to the wild yonder in just 20 minutes by bus, where you can walk for days without seeing another person.

I have visited Norway before but learned so much more this time.  Did you know that, apart from a very bad winter, Norway runs entirely on hydro-electric power? When they discovered oil in their waters they decide to use the profits to invest in their infrastructure, so the public transport is amazing, the education is excellent and the hospitals world class.  If my youngest son wanted to he could go to university for FREE in Norway and many courses are taught in English.

Some people in Oslo are lucky enough to have a summer house.  A little bungalow set outside the city where they can live during the summer months.  Eline has one and it is so cute.  Apparently in the spring the moose come down and eat the blossoms from the apple trees. How cool is that!


Meat is quite expensive so we ate a lot of fish!

The museums and sculpture parks are amazing but I think my favourite was the Folkesmuseum, a collection of historic buildings all set in one area with in depth explanations of how people lived and with actors to explain about some of the properties.

musicianThey even had a trio of dancers and musicians playing traditional tunes.

I became slightly obsessed with the different types of fencing and wood carving

telespinnThe Folkesmuseum is also where I finally fell off my yarn diet wagon and bought some lovely Norwegian kid mohair by Telespinn.


The Vigeland Sculpture Park is the work of just one man and is all about the circle of life in granite and metal. I love the expression on the old man’s face.

Eline also took me to a lovely yarn shop called Pickles and the Husfliden in the centre of town where we looked at some of the national costumes that are still worn for high days, holidays and weddings.

Such gorgeous embroidery and weaving which is made with a strange arrangement of punched cards that you rotate to make the pattern.  I must get my head round this some time.

weavingIf you ever get a chance to visit, you really must.  We are already planning a road trip round Norway, Sweden and Denmark in the future.


4 comments on “A visit to Oslo

  1. josiekitten

    Scandinavia was on our list of places to visit. Thank you for sharing your holiday with us, it looks stunning. And I think your yarn purchase was an essential souvenir of a wonderful trip!

  2. Thanks for the virtual trip!

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