Writing a blog every week is a real joy but sometimes it is so hard to find some inspiration.

It’s been very busy just recently, what with Joe finishing his degree (he got a first, by the way), Reef finishing his A levels after 7 weeks of stress, delivering 6 hat kits to Black Sheep Wools (look out for them in the autumn), working on designs for The Knitter, creating hats for innocent’s Big Knit and finishing off my project for the Stitchtopia cruise in August.  And that doesn’t include all the work I have on with clients.

Frankly I am a bit spent. So trying to find something interesting to write about for you, dear reader, has been on the back burner.  I am sorry and I hope you will forgive me.

What this busy time has taught me is that finding calm and peaceful moments in my life is more important than ever.  Even though it is also my work, I always seem to turn back to my knitting – my ‘safe place’ where I can shut out the world for a bit.  So I try to make sure that I have a project on the go that is nothing to do with any client or deadline. Something fulfilling but also a bit mindless.

IMG_0137I have two projects that are just for me at the moment.  Granny squares are just so soothing and I love the mixture of neutral colours with a pop of orange in these.  The pattern is by Sandra at Cherry Heart.  I haven’t decided if this is a wrap or a blanket yet, so I’ll just see where I am when the yarn runs out.  I was looking up joining techniques and I think I will be following this tutorial on Attic 24.

img_20170207_095723Purl Soho’s Optic blanket is using up all the odds and ends of 4 ply tweedy yarns I have which includes Rowan Scottish Tweed, Jamieson’s Spindrift and other, unidentifiable balls and remnants.

So while I take a bit of time out I hope these two projects give you a little inspiration.

1 comment on “Inspiration

  1. josiekitten

    Glad you are having some ‘you and yarn’ time. Love the crochet squares, the orange pops of colour are fabulous. Are you dealing with the ends as you go? I still have most of the ends to deal with on my crochet blanket and am seriously thinking of leaving them as a fringe!!!

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