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Degree Show – Manchester School of Art

Last Friday I very proudly made my way up to Manchester. My eldest son has been studying three dimensional design for 3 years at Manchester Metropolitan and it was his degree show.  It was also a great opportunity for me to see what the fashion and textile students had been up to in the lovely company of Emma Varnam.

IMG_20170609_180716Following on from his dissertation that covered the democratisation of design and open source furniture, Joe’s final project was called Miss Marble.  He worked with a paper marbling artist in Bristol to learn how to use the technique on wood.  And the hard work paid off.  He won the alumni award for this work, but it doesn’t end there.  He picked up more awards for a collaboration with a glass blower.

IMG_20170609_180510IMG_20170609_180211The Project was called Breathe and Joe created the mould in beech wood based on sound waves before Jadhay blew the glass cylinder to go in.  The scorch marks you can see is because the wood burns when the glass hits it.  They will be doing an exhibition together in 2018.  Joe was really quite overwhelmed with all the accolades, especially because they were from fellow crafts people.

Then on to the textile  students.  I’m afraid I didn’t note down any names.

IMG_20170609_192036I loved this mixture of media.

IMG_20170609_182116A nice mix of machine knitting and crochet.

IMG_20170609_191612Quilting in an intriguing plasticised fabric.

IMG_20170609_191602Just look at those colours!

IMG_20170609_191943Interesting structure on this sleeve.

IMG_20170609_191717Printing on knitting.

IMG_20170609_191739Not sure how these were made but they are fascinating.

I feel so privileged to have seen so much amazing creativity under one roof. Congratulations to all the students at Manchester’s School of Art.

3 comments on “Degree Show – Manchester School of Art

  1. Congratulations to Joe on graduating and his awards, that’s fabulous! Xx

  2. josiekitten

    Joe’s work is stunning, you must be very proud of all he has achieved.

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