Sugru – Juliet’s Little Helper


A few years ago (it must be more than 6) I came across an amazing inventor who had created something called Sugru, a mouldable silicone ‘putty’ which looked a bit like BlueTac but which self cures into a strong ‘rubber’.

It is so hard to describe, which might be why it isn’t as widely known as it should be.  The lovely people at Sugru have just sent me their latest pack – a tin with 4 little sachets of this magic substance to have a play with. They have also produced a great little booklet with lots of ideas for crafters.  What I didn’t know is that Sugru is strong enough to stick things to walls like small shelves and coat hooks.

IMG_20170321_092739I have used it to protect charger cables, mend the handle of a pair of scissors and fix a knife blade back in to a handle.  With the latest pack I thought I would try something for a knitter with lots of DPNs.  Keeping my DPNs organised is always a bit of a problem.  Sometime I put them in a tin or use rubber bands but I wanted something that looked a bit more tailor made.

Each sachet holds enough of this miracle product for a small project. Here is the Sugru rolled out in to a little sausage.  I recommend doing this on a flat surface to get it nice and even.


I then secured the DPNs with a cable tie and rubber band to hold it in place while I wrapped the Sugru round them.


Then because I had some left over I popped a couple of the balls on each end to protect the tips.


Now I need to leave it for 24 hours to self cure and we’ll see how it fares. I’m sure it will make great needle tip protectors for my circular needles as well.  Ooh and I could bury a magnet in it so I can keep track of all my pins. And my scissors are always getting caught up….  Looks like I’m going to have fun this afternoon.

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