At this time of year lots of us have put yarn or pattern clubs on our Christmas list. Either because we really want to try one out but often in desperation because family don’t really know what yummy treats to get us the Christmas-frankly it’s safer if we choose them for ourselves, don’t you think? In my case I often rationalise signing up for another club as research-it is part of my job.

I have had mixed experiences over the years. I love Debbie Abrahams mystery blankets club and have already signed up to the 10th anniversary  offering ages ago. I do feel slightly guilty that I still haven’t finished the Norwegian influenced one from a few years ago – I’m going to try my level best to finish it over Christmas. What I particularly like about what Debbie does is the range of techniques and beautiful colour combinations she puts together and the mystery element of not quite knowing how the project will look in the end.

I also did Kate Davies’ Buachaille Seven Skeins club and really enjoyed the patterns being delivered to my inbox. I could choose how to use the yarn from the hanks included in the club. I have just signed up for the Inspired by Islay club which is an exciting mix of patterns and other goodies. Kate’s designs are always so well constructed and beautifully written

All the clubs I have described above offered amazing value for money for the knitter and are a real treat.There is only one club that I have been disappointed with but I am not going to name the designer.  The price was very high and I felt more about making money  than putting the knitter at the heart of the project but that is just my opinion.

Knitting clubs are huge fun so why not join one to 2017.

1 comment on “Knitting Clubs

  1. Sophie Adamantos

    I have “suggested” Kate Davies for me too…. very excited

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