Yarn diet

stash220Well, that’s it! The time has come for me to go on another yarn diet. You may remember that I did this a few years ago when I was still at The Knitter. It was an unpleasant experience, that’s for sure, but not quite as bad as giving up smoking.

Today I once again find myself in a situation where my stash has become, well, flabby, and the number of WIP’s is shameful, so I am taking myself in hand. Yes WIPS that haven’t been knitted for more than 6 months definitely count as stash.

I did learn a lot from not buying any yarn for a year so I thought I would pass on a few tips, Just in case you are in the same boat as I am.

Set aside a good day for yourself to go through your stash, when you are feeling positive and enthusiastic for the task ahead of you.  If yours is anything like mine it could take a while to find it all.

Get your stash out and take a long long hard look at each and every hank and begin by dividing them into porn, love and meh! Immediately get rid of the meh! or ‘what was I thinking’ yarn by giving them to charities or knitting friends-If they accept your gift that ball of yarn is no longer your problem. I reckon if I’m ruthless I can get rid of at least 20% this way especially if I include part balls from finished projects that I really am not going to be able to use.

I have a fixation with Noro yarns but recently decided that four or five balls of sock yarn were not really my colour. It was a painful process giving them  up but now they have a new forever home in Scotland and I’m sure they are being well looked after. It’s kind of paying it forward in a yarnie way. OK, I am trying to make it sound like a more positive experience to motivate myself and you, but desperate times and all that.

Look at the amounts of each yarn you have and try to picture what you can make with it. To make this process more fun I will be spending several hours in (and I do mean in, up to my neck) Ravelry and my bookshelves. BE CAREFUL not to get sucked in to rearranging your books as a diversionary tactic.  You are here to sort yarn! When you have made your choices you can bag up the yarn with a pattern ready to knit.

Now look at what you have left. Is it really still porn ? Do you still really love it or is it looking more meh! that you can get rid of. By this stage I hope to have my stash sorted by 70% but that 30% is going nowhere.  I need to have something to fondle and inspire me.

I could go on and mention boxing and cataloguing but I already feel a bit overwhelmed so I think I might leave it for now. There is nothing wrong with having stash, but if you aren’t going to use it at some point it’s just loft installation.

SPOILER ALERT  I will admit I have cheated a bit, I mean taken some precautions, and stocked up in advance of the New Year.  A girl’s got to have something to look forward to.

1 comment on “Yarn diet

  1. Adriana Caldwell

    Lately I have only bought yarn for a bulk donation of hats. I have tried to go cold sheep, but I am at the lukewarm stage.

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