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Over the last few months the subject of knitting for others seems to have come up time and time again.  Anyone who knits a lot soon realises that there is only so much knitwear you can wear yourself.  I know when I reached that point I soon started looking at family friends slightly differently.  Would she like a shawl?  How old are his kids – too old for hand knits? Would they like a tea cosy? Which charity is looking for items?

For me it is the process of making that I love so much and I want to try to communicate that to others by gifting them a piece of my precious time.  But beware.  I remember making something for a friend’s child many, many years ago.  It was a tricky pattern with Fair Isle and Intarsia, and I slaved over getting it just right for ages.  My little face must have beamed with pride as I handed it over.  What did I expect?  Her to bow down at my feet, to ooh and aah, to tell me what a genius I was? Not really, but I wanted to be appreciated in someway for what I had produced. I wanted her kiddy to enjoy wearing the gorgeous little jumper.  If I had baked an amazing cake with lots of tiers and icing, I’m sure the reaction would have been very different. What I got was a slightly wrinkled nose as if something home made was not quite good enough.  I doubt her child ever wore it and I felt crap.

So when you choose who to knit for ask yourself ‘Are they Knitworthy?’.  Will they enjoy what you have lovingly made for them? Will they remember you with a smile whenever they see it?  Will they put it straight in the charity bag?  I know pride is a sin and I don’t expect lavish praise but just a little appreciation.

I hope this doesn’t make you think of me as a moaning Minnie. My bad experience was a long time ago and I am pleased to say it has never been repeated.



1 comment on “Knitworthy

  1. josiekitten

    I have learnt from bitter experience not to force my knitting onto people. I have a few knitworthy friends who really appreciate the thought and effort that has gone into their knitted gift, but am quite selective these days about who gets a handmade gift!

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