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Design your own crochet blanket

Last year, everywhere you looked there was a Crochet Along and I must admit I found them very seductive but somehow the designs just weren’t quite me – I couldn’t imagine any of the blankets actually fitting in with my home.


If you know me, or have met me, you will know I tend to favour something bold or slightly odd. My home is largely painted white with lots of ‘things’ dotted around such as a cow skin throw, a candlestick made from metal and wood found on the beach, a triangular vase made from a slate roof tile, an old weaving shuttle rescued from a Scottish mill.  As much as I can appreciate them I am not a flowery person! So even though I wanted to take part in one of the lovely CALs I knew I wouldn’t be motivated enough to finish them.

While browsing through the V&A website, researching an article I came across this great idea for quilters, The Patchwork Pattern Maker, and it set me thinking.  What many crocheted blankets are made up of is squares so was this app something I could use to create my own design?

It’s a great tool which has been greatly  improved  since the Beta version was launched last year.  All you need to do is upload your image and crop it to the shape you want. Just to show I have nothing against flowers I have used this picture of the hollyhocks in my garden.


There are lots of options to choose such as how many colours you want in your final design or the number of squares in your quilt, or even if you want to include triangles.

Screenshot 2016-02-03 16.58.22.png

And there you go a crochet blanket design. Now all you have to do is source your yarn, check your square size and plan your blanket. There are lots of yarn companies that have a huge amount of shades available for you to choose from.

I now have a bag of yarn in the right shades for my project and I am starting to crochet filled granny squares (as seen on Attic 24) to make my own blanket.



3 comments on “Design your own crochet blanket

  1. josiekitten

    That is a fabulous resource and I am going to have a play with it in a minute! I was at a colourwork class this weekend and saw a couple of apps that are also fun – Adobe Kuler and Kaleidomatic. They allow you to play around with colour and pattern.

  2. Wow how clever is that! Like I need another project x

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