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Penguin – A Knit Collection by Anna Maltz


The 20th of January is World Penguin Day  so it seems very appropriate to be reviewing a new book that has been on the top of my pile for a couple of weeks.

Ever since I went to Yarndale last September and saw some of Anna’s designs, I have been dying to get to my hands on this book. Anna is a very unique designer and her book gives you an insight into how she draws down inspiration to create beautiful projects for you to knit – from garments to accessories and even toys. The link between penguins and knitting may not be immediately obvious but Anna tells us that both are about warmth and community: ”I see a natural affinity between the species and us knitters. Perhaps above all else I think we knitters share an admirable sense of determination and community spirit with these feathered friends.”

What I love about this book is that Anna has taken elements of what it is to be a penguin in all stages of their lives and translated them in to very eye-catching patterns. Take a look how she has used the colours of the emperor penguin to create the Flower King hat or the cardigan called Teenguin, where she has captured that moment in any adolescent penguin’s life when they are part sleek feathers and part fluffy down.


The construction of the garments and hats is also really well thought out and just a little bit different and quirky, like penguins themselves; Adèlie has a cloche-like construction, an intriguing knit and quite flattering; whereas Aptenodytes is almost a dinner jacket of a cardigan with its tail is coming down on each side.


The photography is witty and the illustrations just flow with life. Even Anna’s choice of shoot locations just seems to set off every pattern perfectly.

If you haven’t seeing this book yet I cannot recommend it highly enough. It is certainly want to treasure and one I’m sure you will want to make several projects from.  You can buy the book from Anna’s website here.

1 comment on “Penguin – A Knit Collection by Anna Maltz

  1. josiekitten

    I heard about this book over the Christmas holidays via the chatter of various people that I follow on Twitter and Instagram. Quirky is a good word to describe the collection!

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