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Artesano 4ply Alpaca Silk review

A quick little yarn review for you this week.

My eldest son turned 21 recently .  He’s studying 3D Design at Manchester Metropolitan University, so I wanted to knit him a really special hat for his Birthday.

He has always loved the artist Escher and the way he repeats patterns so I hunted high and low on Ravelry and found this cracking pattern called Metallic Tessallation.

Then came the question of which yarn to use.  I wanted one that was luxurious and made of very special fibres but which also had a palette of equally rich colours that would work for a men’s hat.I chose Artesano’s delicious, buttery 4ply Alpaca Silk in shades Merlot and Celadon.  The colour saturation is a feast for your eyes.

When the yarn arrived it was so soft on the hank I was worried that the hat would be too floppy so I dropped a needle size form the original pattern to give a slightly denser fabric. Because of the quality of the silk and alpaca used, they do have a long staple length so you might think the yarn looks a bit thin but it is the nature of a yarn as luxurious as this and it does plump up a bit after blocking. Incidentally I knitted the hat while in Australia and it was a pleasure to work with despite the 30C temperature outside so you may want to consider this yarn for summer holiday projects.

4ply alpaca silk

As you can see from the swatch this yarn gives a nice even fabric in both stocking and moss stitch.  I’m not sure it has enough density for cables but that is just my personal preference – I like nice dense cables.

The drape of this yarn when knitted up is quite outstanding so my next project is going to be a woven scarf for my dear mum in Creme Caramel and Chartreuse – I’m really interested to see how it performs on the loom. Any project that sits close to the skin would be perfect.

I have had to rely on my son taking a picture of the hat on his phone so that you can see the finished article – he loved it so much I didn’t have a chance to  shoot it properly – so sorry about the quality but you get the idea.


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